Soil Amendments

Maximize Your Soil

Green Field Farms started the soil amendment program to help farmers produce a better quality, more shelf-stable product and to increase the nutritional value for the consumer. Mineralizing the soil by adding compost and manure will provide bacteria and fungi and a well-balanced food for the soil. Our soil amendment program helps farmers gain a better understanding of their soil to maximize the quality and health of their crops.

Experience proves that by feeding the soil we get more microbes and earthworms working for us in the soil. By working with naturally occurring bacteria we get healthier plants. Fruit from these plants will taste sweeter and have a longer shelf life.

The soil and living organisms in the soil should be fed with food rather than fertilizer. Humates, liquid fish, molasses, kelp, compost, rock powders, bacteria and others are food for soil life.

Green Field Farms analyzes each soil sample report. Each field or garden is tested separately to ensure the correct minerals are added, based on the soil conditions. Soil amendments are custom mixed and bagged in small amounts to fit each plot’s requirements. All of our blends are designed to supply the needed minerals and enhance life in the soil. The end result is a healthier plant that is naturally disease resistant and will provide a more delicious fruit.

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