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Very little is done to this milk before you buy it at the store. The milk is taken directly from the cows, minimally pasteurized (at only 145°), and bottled. That is it! Enjoy the full creaminess of this whole milk, exactly as the cows produced it. With no additional processing, your body can easily digest this milk. Since this milk is not homogenized, you will notice that the cream rises to the top. Simply shake the bottle to mix it back into your milk, and enjoy!


Very little is done to this milk before you buy it at the store. The milk is taken directly from the cows, minimally pasteurized (at only 145°), homogenized, and bottled. Enjoy the full creaminess of this whole milk. Since this milk is homogenized, there is no need to shake the bottle to mix the cream and milk. Enjoy!


16 reviews for Whole Milk

  1. Tracy

    Love this milk!!! We drink a jug a day!

  2. Heidi

    My family LOVES the cream-top whole milk! The other day, there were 8 of us siblings around the table, and we drank a half-gallon of the stuff in the space of like an hour. My mom said for her, I may rate the milk 10 stars.

  3. John Zelinsky

    I’ve been buying your Green Field Farms Organic Whole Milk from my local Whole Foods Store for the last three months. Getting glass bottled milk reminds me of my childhood. I enjoy your product very much. I plan to continue buying your Milk in the future.

  4. Laura Peterre

    I have looked a very long time for this type of milk. Finally it’s at Marcs stores in cuyahoga. If the costs keeps a stable price like it is this week 4.30.21 I can continue with 1 gallon a week. It’s creamy and good and wonderful. It’s not in gallons up here but will travel to get. Thanks for bringing us such a wonderful and pure product. Much appreciation.

  5. Parul

    Recently somebody told me about this milk. And I am glad I went and bought it. its so much tastier better and much lighter on my stomach than other famous brands in stores and much creamier and tastier. Love the fact it’s eco-friendly with glass bottles which when returned get some amount off. The only thing I would love them to see delivery at doorstep just like old times that will be so awesome.

  6. Masami

    We have recently “discovered” your milk at Whole Foods. My husband has been clamoring for “cream at the top” milk for years, and I hadn’t realized that your milk with a white cap was the answer to his prayer, so to speak. We absolutely love your milk. It tastes so much better than anything we have tasted. We have made latte and cappuccino with your milk, and all our guests have raved and ask us where we got the milk. We have read that the less processed the milk, the better it tastes, and it is true. We are so grateful that Whole Foods carries Green Field. Please give our sincere appreciation to all the dairy farmers at Green Field.

  7. Matthew Hendrickson

    Please always make your whole milk with the delicious CREAM PLUG. My family and I fight over it. We buy four half gallons of whole milk each trip to Va Beach whole foods. Your milk has the best flavor and mouth feel of any brand available.

    Thank you

  8. Harsh Trivedi

    This is best milk I have in USA. I have tried various organic milk, but none tastes as good as this, not even close. I am from India, and this reminds me milk we use to have in our village. Cream on top, we fight over it …just love this milk. I’ll give 10 stars for this product…out of five. Lol…but thank you for such a great product.

  9. Archana

    My family just love the milk no one is better than this we try so many organic milk for our morning tea and at Marc’s we got our creamy milk awesome

  10. Janet Mayer

    I have just started getting your organic whole cream top milk delivered from The Modern Milkman. I have to say my husband and I are enjoying it immensely! The taste is exquisite and we love skimming some of the cream off of the top for our morning coffee. We are baby boomers and the glass bottles and delivery are so reminiscent of the milk man deliveries to our houses back in the day. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  11. Todd

    Great taste

  12. Jenni B

    I am writing to tell you just how much we really need you to keep making your whole milk exactly as you do now ! NO added vitamins ,100% natural low-vat pasteurized , non homogenized , organic whole milk !! Please keep supplying it to our local Orrville ,Ohio Buehler’s and we will keep buying it because it is literally the only milk that we can drink ! I grew up drinking this type of milk on our family-owned dairy farm and your milk is the only milk that we buy and drink daily because of it is 100% natural whole organic milk with NO added vitamins !!! THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! Please don’t change a thing and we will continue to be lifelong consumers of your milk ! it is the best tasting by far of all organic whole milk we’ve ever had !!! so it is the ONLY kind that we ever will buy ! Thank you!!

  13. Maureen Santamaria

    I bought the milk today from Whole Food in Vienna, Virginia. Thank you so much! I didn’t understand the difference between the red and white caps; I bought the red one, and it tasted delicious. I love the glass bottle is safe and a high-quality product. I am from Nicaragua, and this is the type of milk I was drinking as a child and a young woman, and I want my grandchild to have the same opportunity. I want her to grow up cancer-free from plastic and get healthy food. Thank you, thank you for doing this milk! The next time I would buy the white cap because I love cream on the top!

  14. Steven J

    I’m so grateful to have crossed paths with your organic whole milk, both the homogenized and my favorite–the non-homogenized “cream top” version. Short of owning my own dairy cow, which seems to be beyond my means, your milk is the next best thing. The first time I tasted it, it was obvious that it was in a league of its own. I love drinking it straight, but it also makes everything else I add it to, like my morning cappuccino, immensely better. Please “stay the course” with your high standards, and I pray my local Whole Foods in suburban Philadelphia always keeps the shelves stocked with your product.

  15. John Sartor

    I get this product at my local Whole Foods. It is some of the most delicious milk I’ve ever tasted. The creaminess and mouthfeel is amazing and it’s my favorite milk available to me right now. I love the milk with the cream at the top.

  16. jrg

    I have been hooked on this milk for over a year now. Takes me back to the 1950’s when I was growing up. Excellent product.

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