Standard Organic Produce Box

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Our standard size box is filled with 12 fresh organic produce items direct from our Amish farms and delivered on Thursdays or Fridays.

Each produce box you order will initially be filled with a default selection of in-season organic produce. A few days prior to the shipment of your box, you will receive an email from our team that lists what we have selected to place in your box. If you dislike any of the items we plan to send you, this email will include a link to your account where you can customize the order to your liking. Each healthy and nutritious item included in your produce box will be fresh from our farms and delivered to your home.

Going on vacation? No problem! You can pause your subscription to skip a delivery. Order today to start enjoying fresh organic produce from the farm!

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9 reviews for Standard Organic Produce Box

  1. Jill McMillen (verified owner)

    The products I received were in such good condition, and not old or damaged. I have ordered from other produce companies and that was always the case. And I would receive substitutes that I didn’t want. The fact that this is organic is what made me purchase but the taste and condition will make me continue!! Good Job!!!

  2. Britt (verified owner)

    I loved my box! How fun to open it up and get a surprise. Everything was very fresh and in excellent condition. The kale appeared to be the only thing affected by heat, a little wilted, but all I had to do was wash it well, and leave it in a large covered bowl in the fridge, with water still on its leaves and it perked up, good as new! This might be a good tip for people who aren’t as experienced with storing produce, especially leafy greens. I will use your service again, what a great idea!!

  3. Helen Louise Mannea (verified owner)

    Havent eaten all of it yet but really enjoyed quality and variety.

  4. Hillary N Bradford (verified owner)

    I will say that I am thoroughly enjoying my produce. It’s fresh and arrived in mostly good shape. Broccoli doesn’t ship that well I’ve learned, so I’ll pass on that in future boxes. The zucchini and summer squash are especially fantastic and I roasted them last night and added to a chicken salad. So good!

  5. deb (verified owner)

    Veggies came packed nicely. They had NO dirt/grit and clean. All tasted fresh and crisp. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 for just one reason. The ice/pack had leaked and the bottom of the box was wet and the liquid had dripped on the beets. Glad the beets were at the bottom because the beets were easy to wash off. Otherwise 5 stars for veggies and 4 stars because of leaked gel pk. I will order again in the future. It is great to get Organic/fresh veggies delivered to your home as Im a senior and sometimes difficult to go food shopping. Thank You Green Field Farm for this needed service!

  6. david miller (verified owner)

    all items ordered were useable

  7. Sandi (verified owner)

    Wow! I can’t wait to try these. Everything looks so fresh and clean! The cherry tomatoes are so sweet and ready to eat. I love buying veggies at farmers markets in the summer for freshness, but these are just as fresh with a larger variety than I find at the markets. It ‘s not always easy to find veggies that I know are grown organically. I love that I get an email ahead of time (I missed the first one as it went to spam mail, but that has been fixed) so I can opt out of the things I don’t want. Honestly, with this first box I would only have opted out the garlic because I am the one person on earth who doesn’t like it. Great variety and the quantity of each is not an overwhelming amount. I will definitely be buying again. Thank you so much!

  8. L’Juana

    The box has been descent overall. I ordered the box for elderly parents. My mother just called saying this is the second time out of three boxes the kale is wilted and yellow. They like kale and she is not happy. It would be nice to have a greater option on leafy vegetables. Overall not bad at all. Just know when you are ordering for your parents you want things to be perfect for them.

  9. Edith Cherascot (verified owner)

    So happy to have order from you the good products on delivery. I was so happy with de colored Swiss chard, vegetable I grew up eating in my country of birth Argentina. The box was well packed and the inside was recyclable, was put to good use to absorb some humidity in my basement . Thank you for the quality of your service.

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