Chocolate Milk

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Experience the smooth, creamy feel of this great drink. With only a few ingredients (organic of course) and minimal processing, you can feel good about indulging in this flavored milk. Chocolate milk has been proven to be one of the best re-hydration drinks after a workout.


2 reviews for Chocolate Milk

  1. James

    This is the best tasting chocolate milk I have ever had! A full bottle only lasts two meals for my wife and I!

  2. PJ

    I have had more chocolate milk than anyone who has ever lived (not sure if I should be proud or sad about that..), and though my opinion is only that (I don’t claim to have a sommelier-like ‘expertly-tuned’ palate or anything) but to this point I’ve had nearly 1,200 different chocolate milks worldwide, and there are only 13 that I’ve scored a 10.0– including Green Field Farms!

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